We provide design services from initial concept and planning to all phases of construction coordination. We have an extensive library and access to hundreds of vendors with contract material finishes, lighting, fabrics and furniture. Our relationship with product vendors and manufacturers keeps us up-to-date with new materials and installation methods to offer our clients innovative design. Our portfolio includes corporate, civic, hospitality, restaurant & bar, and retail projects.


Space planning is taking a concept and converting it into plan form and is used as a tool to convey scale within a space. While developing space plans we often include furniture layout, kitchen equipment and many other design criteria, based on the type of project. We consider our client’s goals for space allocation, adjacencies and efficiencies in conjunction with building code and accessibility requirements.


Many of our clients are building owners, property managers, commercial real estate brokers or tenants and are in need of accurate as-built plans. We have the ability to site measure existing buildings accurately and efficiently to create electronic building plans. We are experienced and well versed in the current building measurement requirements and provide our clients with BOMA calculations for current and future tenant needs.


After a space plan has been finalized, we proceed with construction drawings for permit submittal to the local building and/or health department for review. We work with our clients, general contractors, engineers and any other vendors applicable to the project to see that the documents are approved for permit and ready for construction.


Construction administration involves the resolution of potential conflicts, interpretation and clarification of the construction drawings. Communication between our clients, the general contractor and subcontractors, engineers and the building and/or health department is extremely important during this phase of work.


Furniture is an integral component to every project, by elevating the design concept, it helps in achieving a distinctly unique and cohesive space. The level of detail and finish expressed in each material used are all significant in developing the character of each piece of furniture. We often help our clients with the selection of furniture as well as purchase, deliver, stage and install for any type of project large or small.